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Recycling / Cleaning

Recycling / Cleaning

We want your waste!

You’ll find a bag in your cottage to collect your recycling throughout the week. When it gets full, you can transfer what you’ve collected to the bins in our recycling area. There’s one set of bins for glass, and another for clean, dry recycleable materials, including steel and aluminium cans/tins, paper, cardboard and plastic.


You’ll also find a compost caddy in your kitchen to use for vegetable waste. There’s a compost bin next to the games room and two to the left hand side of the washing line in the vegetable garden behind the Farmhouse. Please empty the bag into the compost and dispose of the plastic bag as the bin is filling up faster than the bags degrade. If you need more compost caddy bags during your stay, just ask.


We use eco-friendly cleaning products from Green My Business in all our cottages, and they’ve trained our cleaning staff how to use them most effectively to minimise waste.

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