As Christmas rapidly approaches, we’d like to take a moment to explain why Cornwall Air Ambulance is our chosen charity this year.

As most regular Bosinver guests know, we stopped sending out Christmas cards to our guests several years ago and have donated an equivalent amount of money at Christmas to specific Cornish charities instead.

This year I was prompted by an article in a business tourism magazine which pointed out that during the main holiday season tourists accounted for 16% of  Cornwall Air Ambulance call-outs but less than 5% of donations come from the tourism sector. Time to help put that right!

Cornwall Air Ambulance new helicopter appeal

Our Air Ambulance receives no direct Government funding and given the county’s isolated beaches, rural settlements and challenging road networks, the helicopter and crew are considered to be a vital lifeline to both residents and visitors – often meaning the difference between life and death.

This year the Trust launched an appeal for a more technologically advanced new helicopter that is being built in Italy. It will provide more emergency equipment with a much greater range which will significantly increase the distance and frequency of flights and will also improve the quality of care patients receive, giving them an even better chance of survival. The extra space, technologically advanced features and ability to carry more medical equipment will enable an emergency department to be created in the back of the helicopter. We will in effect be taking the hospital to the patient, whether they are on a clifftop, roadside, living room or beach.

 They still need to raise another £300,000 by April 2020 to buy the helicopter so we will be supporting them as much as we can to help them to reach their target. You can read more about their appeal

This is a vital service for us all in Cornwall. They flew 655 missions this year and the average time they took to get to an incident was just 12 minutes – amazing when I think that between 8 and 9am it takes longer than that for me to drive two miles to work on our busy roads.  I am thrilled to bits to be making our contribution to the appeal. None of us know when we may need their help!

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