What does autumn mean to you?

Although the days undeniably shorter at this time of year, Cornwall’s mild climate means they’re often still warm and bright, meaning you can make the most of your time and get out and explore.


Autumn in Cornwall is beautiful. Gone are the summer crowds and the traffic jams – you might not have to go far before you find yourself in sole possession of a magnificent sandy beach.

These are a few of our favourite (autumn) things

  • Marvelling as the leaves change from green to every hue of yellow, red, orange or brown imaginable before finally falling to the ground.
  • Crunching through crisp piles of leaves in the woods.
  • Collecting conkers, and the delight of splitting open that spiky green outer covering to reveal a glossy brown nut within.
  • Wave watching as the seas grow wild and stormy – preferably from one of Cornwall’s fantastic beach cafes with an indulgent hot chocolate
  • Enjoying taking the dog for long, bracing walks on the beach again (the seasonal dog ban ended on 1 October)
  • Coming back home to a warm, cozy cottage and relaxing in front of a real fire
  • Rediscovering Cornwall’s gardens – some of them are just as spectacular in October and November as they are in the spring.
  • When darkness falls, you can return to the coziness of your cottage and light a fire. Gather friends and family around to enjoy its warm glow and rediscover the simple pleasures of your board games. Or curl up on the sofa, open a nice bottle of wine and relax…


Autumn short breaks at Bosinver

Our short breaks are as flexible as you are – stay for 3 nights or more, and arrive on any day you choose (except Sundays). If you need any help deciding which cottage is right for you, or planning your perfect break, just give us a call on 01726 72128.